Micky J

Michael John OliveMy wonderful son Michael John inspired me to write this book. Michael is 18 and no longer wants me to crawl into bed with him to tell him bedtime stories. Ah, well. Time marches on.

But I well remember those nights: the charged shadowy darkness, his warmth, the way he smelled, the sound of his sweet voice, his bubbly laughter. I miss it bad.

I told Michael many many stories, but the tales I remember most vividly were based on Jack London’s masterful The Call Of The Wild. “Sled Dogs,” Michael and I called it. Buck the Dog being kidnapped. Beaten for the first time. The boat ride to the Klondike. The exuberance of pulling a sled through deep snow. The taste of salmon. The fight with the evil Spitz. And finally: becoming a wolf. The call of the wild.

I am going to work up a few of these stories and post them here. Coming soon.



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